I hope you had a nice Valentine’s day even if you didn’t have a Valentine. Those days are especially hard for singles… When did it become such a big holiday anyway? The restaurants in Florida were crazy busy, no more social distancing. I don’t need to comment on that, but my hubby and I have never gone out on Valentine’s Day for that reason – everything is packed. We always save it for a slower day! He was out of town so guess what I did? I painted and made cauliflower pizza (delicious!) for dinner!

I wanted to share my latest painting I’ve been working on with you. It seems the days never have enough hours and I either do the one or the other, either paint or write. Do you have that issue too that you tend to work on too many things and only can get one of them done? I wish I were EITHER a painter OR a writer but I guess it’s also a good balance…

I’ve been wanting to ask you guys something: I want to write a novel set in the Florida Keys. My entire work so far and this website have been about Hawaii and Maui, so I can imagine that a lot of readers might be disappointed. What would you think about a story set in the Keys? It just seems that in times of Covid I’ll have an easier time doing research in my home state. It’s a four hour drive to the Keys for me and also a very magical place. It was actually our number one vacation destination before we found that our boys were old enough for a 12 hour flight and we discovered Maui. Of course I will continue the series around Lani, Max and O’Shen… that’s the plan. Those characters and Hana are just somehow alive for me and the stories come pouring out once I get started. I’m also writing a guest blog on someone else’s travel/Hawaii website, so stay tuned for that, I will share the link here.

Have a Happy Aloha Tuesday and I hope to hear from you! Love reading your comments!