Secrets at the Hana Hotel

After a rough start, the locals in the remote town of Hāna on the island of Maui begin to accept newcomers Jonathan and Janet Erickson who bought the local hotel and moved there from the East Coast. 

When an unidentifiable bone, possibly from an old sacred grave, is found and secretly discarded by Jonathan during the hotel’s expansion, the family suddenly seems cursed. Nothing is going right anymore. Infidelity, betrayal, accidents, and murder seem to plague the family. No one is talking. The secrets keep piling up.  Then their three-year-old daughter Jackie disappears during a Thanksgiving celebration on the beach while Janet is out of town. Everyone assumes Jackie drowned, but her body is never found. Janet is devastated. To deal with an
unfaithful husband and the loss of her daughter, Janet begins writing as a means to heal.

Secrets grow and swirl as the family goes on. But there comes a time when there are just too many secrets to hide any longer. 

The Secrets at the Hāna Hotel are escaping and tearing the once close family apart. As thread by thread the secrets unravel, the close-knit community and ‘ohana come together and loose threads are rewoven. ‘Ohana means family and this family saga shows that the truth will come out and that there is and can be redemption.

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