Island Concierge and the Orchid Thief


A thief takes off with an expensive array of specimen-sized orchids right under everyone’s noses at the Key West Garden Club orchid show. While everyone points fingers at one another and the police begin their investigation, wannabe detective Gilda’s sleuth radar goes off. She starts sniffing out the perpetrator.

Kelly dives into her new career as a freelance concierge after getting let go from the Casa Bella Hotel. But she can’t resist the allure of helping her new friend and roommate, Gilda, catch the orchid thief. The stakes get higher when they discover the body of the former Orchid Society president during their investigation. Is his death related to the missing orchids?

While Kelly works to impress an attractive new client, she discovers one of the missing orchids. Though everything seems connected, nothing is adding up, and figuring out whodunit proves to be nearly impossible.

Join amateur sleuths Gilda and Kelly as they hunt down a thief and a killer in the second installment of Island Concierge: The Orchid Thief.

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