Island Concierge and the Missing Girl


Liam’s teenage daughter, Stephanie, has come to stay with her father and it’s taking a toll on his and Kelly’s budding relationship. Stephanie is doing everything to make her dad’s and his girlfriend’s life miserable. But Kelly is a good sport and
helps Stephanie find a costume for the upcoming Key West Fantasy Fest. On their search for costumes, Stephanie realizes that Kelly is cool and therefore might be acceptable as her dad’s girlfriend, even though she finds their age difference ridiculous.

During Fantasy Fest, Stephanie participates in one of the parades and Liam is beside himself when he realizes she never came home that night. Not only is he worried to death, but his ex-wife is also going to be furious for letting Stephanie participate in the crazy adult festival. When a ransom note mysteriously appears and forbids them from contacting the police, Liam and Kelly are torn and don’t know what to do.

Will Stephanie be found before the deadline in the ransom note?

Don’t miss this exciting, third episode of Island Concierge, The Missing Girl.

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