As I sit here six months into the Coronavirus Pandemic, things are still far from being back to normal. My college freshman (Go UCF Knights!) is home all day doing online classes and so is my 16-year old high school junior. My husband who works in film production and usually travels all over the country, has barely worked the past six months, and I can’t concentrate because everyone is home and all quiet areas are occupied. Alex sends me a text message about every 20 minutes, stating he’s hungry and needs something to eat or drink. Go figure, a 6’3” tall growing teenager stuck in his room, bored with barely anything to do but online classes and homework. And Paul Jr., a Jazz major, has to rehearse saxophone at least 2 hours a day (although I do enjoy that!).

I’m getting ready for my awesome cousin-in-law, Alexzandria, to finish and launch my new website and take the next step into the world of being an author.

Welcome to the tropical island of Maui and the world of Max and Lani, Luana and Paul as well as new character O’Shen with her new love interest William. And welcome also to my real world in Orlando, Florida with three cats and three hounds, approx. 400 orchids, two teenage boys and a husband who is constantly busy and on the go. This is where I dream up the stories about Maui when I can’t be there. They just come pouring out of me because I feel like I know every inch of this beautiful paradise after being there many times and never getting enough of the Aloha and adventures this island has to offer.

I welcome your ideas for the blog. One of my readers said it would be a fun idea to read little blurbs out of Max’s childhood in Maui or how about some episodes from Paul Kent’s younger years in the 1000 Islands in upstate New York?

I also would love if you had any original Hawaiian recipes that I can share here, especially for Huli Huli chicken and banana bread. After reading “Forever Hana”, a friend of mine said it seems that everyone in Maui eats nothing but banana bread in the morning – I would if I could, but are there any other delicious specialties you can think of…? ☺